Who We Are

Everyone and every business is affected by COVID 19. At NAI Southern Real Estate, we have a wide client range in property management, where it has become critical to facilitate in the welfare and well being of our clients, and our client tenants. We manage office, medical office, retail and industrial properties, as well as HOA (and POA) management.  As you can imagine, our office and medical office landlords (as well as others)  have been more than concerned for the safety of everyone, and look to us for guidance. These landlords have a commitment to their properties, tenants, visitors and employees alike. They rely on experts like us in staying up-to-date with the latest news, trends, procedures and newly designed protocols in keeping their assets, colleagues and customers as safe as can be.


Steve Banner, Senior Vice President and head of Property Management has been on point and proactive in this new environment that we are facing.  We have reviewed HVAC systems and ventilation systems, performed terminal cleanings, weekly and monthly cleanings, select additional vendors and contractors who also specialize in sanitation.  We have diligently implemented cleaning stations, enhanced hand wash stations, toe opens and other touchless capabilities in our properties, just to name the basics.  Automatic doors as well as new signage and way-finding has also become a priority.  With social distancing becoming a norm, and clear markings to show where and how everyone should interact, it has become increasingly apparent that building operations and management is the number one priority right now, as we face businesses opening back up to standard hours.

Can We Help You?

It can seem distasteful to capitalize on any crisis. But, in hopes of improving and minimizing the affect of COVID and for future outbreaks of any virus, we feel we can help in the greater whole by mitigating future issues and help alleviate current ones. If you are evaluating your properties and how they are managed, please give us a call. We are here to help. If you simply want consulting, don’t hesitate to ask. 704-375-1000. Ask for Steve Banner or Dave Allison.